CFNO Annual Exhibition

Annual exhibition of the members of the Photographic Club “Nufărul” Oradea

The opening of the annual exhibition of the members of the “Nufărul” Photography Club of Oradea.

The Matei Stegerean Gallery of the “Euro Foto Art” Exhibition Centre in the medieval fortress hosted the opening of the annual exhibition of the members of the well-known “Nufărul” Photo Club of Oradea (CFNO). 50 works by the creative and honorary members of the well-known Photo Club were displayed on the screens of the “Ștefan Vilidár István” Gallery: Demeter Liviu Constantin (RO), Nicoleta Gabor (RO), Ovidiu Gabor EFIAP (RO), Radu Gabor (RO), Laura Haiduc-Harris (CA), Kenéz Emese (RO), Gheorghe Petrila EFIAP (RO), Ovi D. Pop EFIAPd (RO), Claudiu Szabó EFIAP (CA), Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP (RO) and Gelu Vrabie (RO). The exhibited photographs include several genres of photographic art: portraits, landscapes, essays, reportage, folklore and street photography. The audience present at the event was welcomed by the photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP, president of CFNO, who after appreciating the artistic level of the exhibits stressed the importance of organizing annual exhibitions of members. Next, the photographer Claudiu Szabó EFIAP, vice-president of CFNO, recalled the glory periods (when the City of Oradea financially supported international cultural projects), which allowed the organization in our city of large-scale events, such as the European Meetings of Photographers, which were attended by photographers from several countries of the Old Continent and their colleagues from South Korea and Japan. In closing, the founder and current President of CFNO gave a brief history of the 48 years of the Photo Club and thanked the audience for their participation. The musical moments were offered by Sándor József Thurzó, a violin artist from Oradea, representing the Sola Fide Community and Cultural Association (SFKKE), who performed the songs “Sosit-a giorno cea….” by Vasile Spătărelu, “Vorbă de spirit” by Mansi Barberis Plăcinteanu, “Sub o salcie pletoasă” by Valentin Timaru and “Ave Maria” by Bihari Sándor It is to be appreciated that the photos exhibited can be viewed also on the new AIEFA website: which will be projected also on the screens of the means of transport in Oradea, thanks to the protocol concluded between AIEFA and OTL SA. The new exhibition organized in partnership with the International Association “Euro Foto Art”, Summit Agro Romania and the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Oradea and Region will remain available to the public until 25 April 2024. daily between 08:00 – 20:00, to which public access is free!


Exhibited photos