History of out presence in Romania and product portfolio

Summit Agro Romania, a subsidiary of Sumi Agro Europe, a company with more than 1,000 employees belonging to Sumitomo Corporation Japan, was established in 1997, and since 2016 has become the coordinator of sales activities for plant protection products in the Balkans. It is the only 100% Japanese company with a tradition of more than 26 years on the Romanian agro-business market.

It has a well-developed portfolio that provides Romanian farmers plant protection products, fertilizers and adjuvants based on molecules made by manufacturers in Japan and beyond, which has allowed the company to become known at a European level and to become number 1 in certain market segments in Romania. Also, since 2021, Summit Agro Romania offers insurance consultancy services, with customized packages for crops, animals, poultry, bees, fish, as well as protection of employees, buildings and machinery, general insurance for personal, home, car, travel, health, life, savings, etc.

Culture, the major pillar that reinforces links between states

As part of its social responsibility towards the place where it operates and its people, Summit Agro Romania has decided to support various cultural projects as a partner. Generating a beautiful cultural tradition, in its own spirit of showing respect for the land, for the past and confidence in the future, but also for its Japanese origins, Summit Agro Romania, together with the International Association of Photographic Art – Euro Foto Art, organized at the Parliament of Romania the international photo exhibition entitled “Picturesque Romania”, with the declared aim for the Romanian and Japanese public to rediscover, relive and fall in love with the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic area.

Snapshots of Romanian ancestral traditions, nuances, landscapes and visions, people and places that vibrate with life, amazement, joy, pleasure and multiple revelations, were thus revealed for the first time in Romania. Also, an international exhibition entitled “Folk Traditions of Romania and Japan” was organized last autumn in collaboration with Euro Foto Art International Association, Nufărul Photo Club of Oradea, the International Photography Federation of Matsuyama and the Japanese Danube Photo Club of Yokohama.

The exhibition featured 100 photographs taken by Romanian and Japanese artists and was a major milestone in strengthening ties between the two countries. And as quality wine is made in the vineyard, whose health is taken care of by Summit Agro Romania, another highly successful international exhibition, which also resulted in the publication of an exceptional album containing the award-winning works, was entitled “Vines, wine and the joy of living“.

The unique exhibitions organized by Euro Foto Art International Association in partnership with Summit Agro Romania are presented on screens on public transport vehicles in Oradea, since 2022, as a national premiere, based on a partnership with Oradea Local Transport SA, with the aim to provide a more pleasant environment to the travelling public.

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