Exhibition of photojournalist Kiss Annamarie Debrecen (HU)

The “Matei Stegerean” Gallery within the “Euro Foto Art” Exhibition Centre in the medieval Fortress of Oradea (E Block) hosted on Saturday, 24.02.2024, at 18:00 the opening of two photojournalism exhibitions and the award ceremony of the international competition of photojournalists from the Bihor – Hajdú-Bihar Euroregion. The audience present at the event from the two counties was welcomed by the photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP President of the International Association “Euro Foto Art” and curator of the exhibition, who presented the context in which the first edition of the Euroregion Bihor – Hajdú-Bihar Photojournalists Contest was launched 9 years ago. “The competition was organized with the aim of rewarding the work of photojournalists from our Euroregion and to organize an international competition whose protagonists were photojournalists. I remember the first editions, which were not financially supported, which is why I asked the participating editors of the competition to support the protocol part of the openings. The collaboration with Summit Agro Romania meant a professional turning point for the international competitions organized, which contributed to raise the professional level of the last editions! We are grateful for this to the official partner the AIEFA President underlined in his speech. Next the representative of the President of Summit Agro Romania, Bulgaria, Adria and Republic of Moldova Dr. eng. Patricia Maria Știrbu, personal advisor prof. univ. Dorin Popa, wine taster and president of the Millésime Association of Oradea, presented the context in which the collaboration started, the projects carried out so far, as well as those for the future. The media specialist Stanik István, professional director of the Non Profit Magyar Házak Ltd. and director of the “Partium” House in Debrecen (HU) welcomed the initiative of organizing the 9 editions, and expressed the wish that the 10th jubilee edition would be the one of the professional maturity of the photojournalists from the Bihor – Hajdú-Bihar Euroregion. After the award ceremony, the president of AIEFA presented the novelty of the next editions, which consists in the opening of the personal exhibitions of the multi-awarded photojournalists. The next highlight of the event was the opening of the exhibition of Hajdú-Bihari newspaper photojournalist Napló Kiss Annamerie. The exhibition, which included a selection of 30 reportage photos, was a surprise for the visitors. The AIEFA President stressed in his speech: “The exhibits are outstanding models of reportage photography. The photographer Kiss Annamerie from the twin city of Oradea presents himself to the visiting public with several genres of reportage photography, all of them made with great artistic and professional skill. Of all the exhibits, the image with the greatest visual impact is the photograph taken in the Debrecen Zoo, which shows an extraordinary moment: the encounter of a hippopotamus kissed by his “girlfriend” a young girl. The capture of the two “lovers” is a particular merit of the photojournalist, who demonstrated the persuasive power of a reportage photograph.” In conclusion, the AIEFA President presented the photojournalist with the Certificate of Patronage of the International Association. The musical moments of the opening were offered by the representative of the Cultural Group “Duo Sola Fide” from Oradea, the violin artist who performed several pieces from the Romanian and Hungarian repertoire: “Evening Song” by L. Feldman, Improvisation for solo violin” by Tempfli Zsolt, “Arie” by C.Nottara, “Slovak Dance” by Bartók Béla, “Evening at the Szeklers” by Béla Bartók”, Folk Melody No. 18″ by Lavotta János, “Arie” by Macalik Alfréd, “Bicinia” by Kodály Zoltán (arrangement by Sérgio Kuhlmann). The opening was streamed live and can be viewed on the association’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EFAExhibitionCenterOradea/videos/77716578094. It is to be appreciated that the photos exhibited can also be viewed on the AIEFA website: https://eurofotoart.ro/expo-fotografie-de-presa-din-euroregiunea-bihor-hajdu-bihar-2024/ , respectively: https://eurofotoart.ro/expozitia-fotoreporterului-kiss-annamarie-debretin-hu/ The images will also be projected on the screens of the means of transport in Oradea, thanks to the protocol concluded between AIEFA and OTL SA. The exhibitions organized in partnership with Summit Agro Romania and the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Oradea and Region will remain available to the public until 20 March 2024, Monday and Wednesday between 14:00 -18:00, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10:00 – 14:00, to which public access is free!

Photos exhibited