Opening the carnival atmosphere

The “Matei Stegerean” Gallery of the EFA Exhibition Centre in the medieval Oradea Fortress (E Block) hosted the opening of the solo exhibition of the photographer Csíki János, entitled “Carnival of Venția”, became overcrowded on Wednesday, 21 February 2024, at 18:00. The audience present at the event was welcomed by the photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP, president of the International Association “Euro Foto Art” (AIEFA) and curator of the exhibition, who thanked the exhibiting photographer for this exhibition and presented the context in which the exhibition was put together, organized by AIEFA in partnership with Summit Agro Romania (official partner), the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Oradea and Region (APTOR) and the Photographic Club “Nufărul” of Oradea (FCNO). In his speech the speaker underlined that: “The realization of this exhibition has shown that many things can be achieved in partnership if there is will. After the author of the exhibition photographed in Venice and sent me the pictures, which by the time he arrived home were processed and typeset by our colleague Hős Nobert from Subotica (SRB) and printed by our supporter Duran’s from Oradea under excellent technical conditions. It was worth doing so because the author of the exhibition has become not only an active creative member but also one of AIEFA’s most loyal supporters, actively contributing to AIEFA’s projects.” The author of the exhibition then presented the context in which he took the photographs on display and thanked the organisers for the opportunity to present the exhibition in a special gallery and the public for their participation in the event. During the opening, Mrs. Bihari Margit, sister of the photographer, also spoke and congratulated her brother for his ambition to travel to many picturesque places in Europe and to bring back unforgettable images for the photography-loving public. In conclusion, the President of AIEFA, after presenting the monthly exhibition flyer, produced with the support of the official partner, handed over the Certificate of Patronage No. 2024/006 to the author of the exhibition. The musical moments of the opening were offered by the representative of the Cultural Group “Duo Sola Fide” from Oradea, the violin artist Thurzó Sándor József, who performed several pieces from the Italian repertoire: “Santa Lucia”, “Nessun Dorma” by G.Puccini, “O mio bambbino caro” by G. Puccini and “Serenade” by E.Toselli. It is to be appreciated that the photos exhibited can be viewed on the AIEFA website:, which will also be projected on the screens of the means of transport in Oradea, thanks to the protocol concluded between AIEFA and OTL SA. The new personal exhibition will remain available to the public until 20 March 2024. daily between 08:00 – 20:00, to which the public access is free!

Photo: Toth Magdolna, Fórián Andrea

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