Photographic Club ”NUFĂRUL” Oradea

  • Membru Individual FIAP:  ILFIAP 2119/ 2013.
  • Official partner of the international association “Euro Foto Art”

It was founded on the initiative of the photographer and typographer Ștefan Tóth AFIAP who, after consultation with the late photographer Ștefan Vilidár AFIAP from Oradea Kelen Ferenc EFIAP, president of the Photo Club “Arad”, at the National Symposium of Photographic Art held in Arad in 1975. The most suitable place to found the “Nufărul” Oradea Photo-Cine Club (FCCNO) was the “Crișana” Polygraphic Enterprise Syndicate (SIPCr) and the “Crișana” Polygraphic Enterprise (IPCr), which embraced the initiative of founding the FCCN. The General Assembly of the Labour People on 05.02.1976 decided by address 1014/ 05.02.1976 to establish the FCCNO within the SIPCr. On 28 May 1976 at the headquarters of the Artistic Club “Poligrafia” the General Assembly of the new Photo-Cineclub took place, attended by 22 members. At the founding meeting the photographer and typographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP was elected as president. The first board of directors included: the late poet Alexandru Magereanu (vice-president) and three members of the artistic committee, the late Prof. Stefan Csontos AFIAP and Stefan Vilidár, respectively the photographer Stefan Weisz, professional photographer of the State Theatre of Oradea. The members of the new FCCNO present themselves to the public with the members’ exhibition entitled “Steps in the Light”, opened on 02.11.1976 in the hall of the State Theatre of Oradea. The exhibition then became a touring exhibition and was shown in several cities in Romania, Europe, Argentina and Brazil. In 1978, on the initiative of the president of FCCNO, the first National Biennial Exhibition “Premfoto” (of photographs taken for the first time) was launched and the offset printing album was launched. After each exhibition, a Meeting of Romanian Photographers was organized and a festive meal was held in honour of Romanian photographers. After the success of the 10 national editions, in 1995 they became International Salons and were organized under the patronage of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and with the financial support of Stephany” Ltd. (the patron being the president of FCCNO). The openings take place within the framework of the European Meeting of Photographic Artists. In 1990 the Photo-Cine Club of Oradea moved briefly to the “Constructorul” Club where the Photo Art Gallery” was founded and then to the Civic Centre. In 1991, following the distribution order 2237/ 28.02.1990 of the IJGCL Bihor and the Presidential Ordinance of 11 April 1991 FCCN moves from its first legal premises, Moscow Street no. 3 (behind the State Theatre of Oradea where its archive used to be). At the proposal of the president of FCCN Stefan Toth AFIAP, this space is transformed with the support of Stephany” Trade Company Ltd. into the “Photo Art” Gallery where the first “Azomures” presentation shop used to operate. After 18 years of existence, on 27.07.2009 everything moves to the new premises in 1 Decembrie Square no. 12. Due to the lack of financial resources necessary to ensure the continued functioning of the Gallery, it passes into the administration of the “Euro Foto Art” Association and takes the name of “Euro Foto Art” Gallery, which was inaugurated on 07.08.2009, only 11 days after the move. After 20 years of existence, in 1996 the FCCN takes the name of the Photo Club “Nufărul” Oradea (CFNO). On 01.02.2021 the CFNO, as an official organization of AIEFA, the Photo Club moves by its goodwill to the Medieval Fortress of Oradea, Princely Palace, Building C, floor. I, then on 06.04.2024 to the AIEFA Exhibition Centre, Building E, ground floor.


Opening of the exhibition of the members of the Photographic Club “Nufărul” in Budapest

On Wednesday 17 April 2024, at 17:00 local time, the Magyar Fotográfiai Egyesület (Association of Hungarian Photographers) in Belgrád rkp., Budapest, hosted the opening of the exhibition of the members of the “Nufărul” Photographic Club of Oradea. On this occasion 45 photos taken by the photographers were exhibited: Constantin Liviu Demeter, Kenéz Emese, Laura Haiduc …