Launch of the European Photography Festival

The new premises of the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery and Exhibition Center FIAP Oradea – Romania, on the second floor of the City of Oradea Museum section in the Medieval Fortress of Oradea hosted on Thursday, May 9th 2024, at 17:00 the launch of the European Photography Festival organized by the International Association “Euro Foto Art” (AIEFA) in partnership with Summit Agro Romania. The opening was broadcast and can be seen on facebook: The public present at the event was welcomed by the representative of the City of Oradea Museum section, the museographer Dr. Diana Iancu, who appreciated the fact that the opening of the international exhibition of photographic art is part of the two anniversaries dedicated to Europe Day and Romania’s Independence Day. Next, the photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP, president of AIEFA and curator of the exhibition, who expressed his joy for the fact that in the new premises of the FIAP Exhibition Centre, the 13th edition of the Festival of European Photography will be launched, which will include dozens of exhibitions organized in several European cities. He then spoke about the success of the international exhibition opened in 2022 in the Romanian Parliament. “Until the end of May, visitors will be able to admire exceptional large-scale photographs showing the beauties, traditions and folk customs, such as the colourful folklore of our country taken by renowned photographers from Austria, Greece, Japan, Romania, USA, Hungary”. The exhibited pictures can also be admired on the new website of the International Association: The public will be able to discover among the exhibited photographs outstanding landscapes photographed in Maramureș by Sorin Marku from Sighetu Marmației, the Sphinx and the Cheerful Cemetery immortalized by the photographer Tudorel Ilie from Baia Mare, the Danube and the Danube Delta photographed by the photographer Morvay-Szabó Edina AFIAP from Oradea and Szőke Sándor (RO). The fairytale winter landscapes in the exhibition were taken by photographers Hátszegi Csaba (A), Adriana Ceausescu from Vienna (A), Claudiu Oros (RO) and Claudiu Szabo EFIAP (RO). Romanian, Hungarian and German folk traditions from Romania are also present in the exhibition through the works of photographers Bikfalvi Zsolt EFIAPb (RO), Héjja Árpád RO), Camelia Iordache (RO), Tudorel Ilie (RO), Moldovan Mihály EFIAP (RO), Morvay-Szabó Edina AFIAP (RO), Najla Angawi (Saudi Arabia), Pataki Hajnal (RO), Ovi D. Pop EFIAPd.,  Mariana Scubli AFIAP (RO) and Kertész Hajnalka (RO). Oradea was a source of inspiration for the photographers: Eugen Antal (RO), Paul Bock (USA), Mészáros Ödön (HU), Najla Angawi (Saudi Arabia), Claudiu Oros (RO) and Tazaki Ryuichi (JP). The President of AIEFA presented the exhibitions that will be organized this summer in the two Photographic Centres in the Medieval Fortress of Oradea. The musical moments of the opening were offered by the artists Rock Filarmonica Oradea: Alexandrina Chelu-Schorr (vocals) and Florian Chelu Madeva (guitar), who performed several pieces from the European repertoire “Sonet satiric” by Mihai Eminescu, “Regina Elisabeta – Arta” and “Precum lumina” by Carmen Sylva and “Poeții” by Lucian Blaga. The exhibition organized under the auspices of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), recognized by UNESCO, in partnership with the Museum “Țării Crișurilor” will remain open to the public, at the Museum section of Oradea, until 30 May 2024, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10:00 and 18:00. The exhibited works will also be projected on the screens of Oradea’s means of transport, thanks to the protocol concluded between AIEFA and OTL SA.