First opening of the year 2024 year at the Gallery “Euro Foto Art”

On the fourth day of the new year, the first exhibition of photographic art organized by the International Association “Euro Foto Art” (AIEFA) in partnership with Summit Agro Romania (SAROM) and the Cris Country Museum Oradea – Museum Complex was opened in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery, Exhibition Centre of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), recognized by UNESCO. This time, 48 large format black and white photographs taken by the photographer Csibi László from Cluj-Napoca in memory of the Cluj magician Béla Ledniczky (Belloni) were installed on the walls of the longest-running permanent gallery of photographic art in Romania. The exhibiting photographer László Csibi works as a director and producer of documentary films and videos, is a teacher and director of the Hungarian Department of Cinematography and Media at the Faculty of Theatre and Film – Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj Napoca. The exhibition entitled Solitude is an homage to moments of solitude. “It is an attempt to describe the state of absence in the social, in which the images capture nature which, in its solitude, whatever the season, evokes a sense of timelessness. Landscapes and trees, wrapped in black and white, are a reminder of solitude, a reminder of beauty. A landscape that captivates the man who longs for solitude” says the exhibiting photographer. The opening of the exhibition took place in the presence of the author on Thursday, 04 January 2024, at 11:00 am in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery, FIAP Exhibition Center Oradea – Romania, within the section of the Museum of the City of Oradea. The public present at the event was welcomed by Dr. Cristina Pușcaș, representative of the City of Oradea Museum section, who welcomed the initiative of organizing this exhibition and thanked the exhibiting photographer for the “gift” offered to present to the public an exhibition of exceptional photographic art. Further, the photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP, president of AIEFA, characterized in his speech that the exhibition demonstrates not only the artistic value of the exhibits but also the fact that “In simplicity is complexity”. Dr. Mira Marincaș, the curator of the exhibition, the university lecturer of “Sapientia” University of Cluj Napoca, appreciated the fact that the exhibiting photographer took the decision to go back to the roots of photography, thus underlining the sensitivity of the exhibited photographs. Journalist Szűcs László, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Újvárad”, pointed out that the exhibited photographs contain several outstanding artistic elements such as rhythmicity, drama and perspective, which contribute to their graphic effects. Art critic Dr. Ramona Novicov appreciated that in our fast-paced world there are still young artists who look longingly at a contemplative natural environment and human nature turning in on itself. The musical moments of the opening were offered by the representative of the Cultural Group “Duo Sola Fide” from Oradea, the violin artist Thurzó Sándor József, who performed the pieces “Arie” by Macalik Alfréd, “Arie” by Constantin C.Nottara, “Dans din Oaș” by Hilda Jerea and “Dans slovac” by Bartók Béla. The exhibition will remain open to the public, at the Oradea Museum section, until February 3rd 2023, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:00 to 17:00. The exhibited works will also be projected on the screens of Oradea’s means of transport, thanks to the protocol concluded between AIEFA and OTL SA.

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